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Navigating the Global Civic Engagement Landscape in a Disrupted World
In early 2022, Points of Light engaged in global research to understand the current state of civic life as the world looks to move forward in the third year of a global pandemic. On May 10 at 1 p.m. EDT, join Points of Light’s President & CEO Natalye Paquin and Influence|SG’s Managing Director Derrick Feldmann for a presentation of the research’s key findings. This conversation will explore the thoughts, behaviors and needs of individuals through the lens of Points of Light’s Civic Circle as they consider what their engagement means in the world today. Whether you are a business leader aiming to mobilize employees, a nonprofit or NGO leader hoping to connect individuals to your cause or an individual seeking to support the community you care about, this webinar can help inform how to engage a broader cross-section of society in civic action.


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